Our Programmes

We pride ourselves on having student-tailored learning instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Our tuition style allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of each student's learning method and the areas in which they need help. Based on this information, a set of activities is planned for each child each week, so no two students are doing the same programme; no two students have the same learning needs.

Younger Students

In years one to six, we provide student-tailored academic support to address the gaps that have occurred in their learning from previous years. The Step Ahead staff focus on identifying those gaps through testing then correcting these less well understood areas of the curriculum. Not only do we help students catch up, we are used to providing extension/acceleration programmes.

A  student's year level matters less to us than what academic level the student has reached. Students should be occupied during sessions doing work that is determined by their ability level, not their age.

Senior Students

As students move into the senior years, they play a far greater role in directing the sessions. It becomes more the teacher’s job to monitor the learning and adjust content where necessary. Teachers need to work closely with the students to identify areas of understanding that are lacking. Students are provided with an environment where teachers are quickly able to adapt to a variety of learning styles.

Our flexible approach to the needs of each student necessitates that teachers know their subjects thoroughly to adapt to the needs of their students at a moment's notice.

How to contact Step Ahead Education

While parents have ready access to their child’s teacher, the contact person is still Virginia, who began this operation 17 years ago. Having one point of contact means session times can be changed where necessary, programmes and progress can be discussed as can any other matter relating to the learning needs of the students and teaching styles of the staff.

Call 9470 1677 or email stepaheadpreston@gmail.com
for enquiries.